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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

This is a very relevant question that should be asked by every potential investor in an innovative project. And this is a real good question  for OOTSIDEBOX.

Here is our vision about that. I will not speak in terms of problems, I'll rather talk about solutions. Below are exposed the benefits that one can obtain with a touchless-gesture user interface in general, and OOTSIDEBOX's technology in particular.

Let's think about it in different fields: High-tech Kitchen, Medical-healthcare, Automotive, Robotics, High-tech consumer electronics and Gaming, of course.

 High-Tech Kitchen:

Today you can have very modern equipment in your kitchen:
Oven and induction hob with touch control, tablet used as an electronic cook book.
But you may hesitate to put your fingers on these devices, indeed your hands are often covered of dough or of fat content!

OOTSIDEBOX's technology gives solutions:

See our first touchless induction hob prototype video.
And we have a deep discussion with QOOQ in order to use their app with our tablet accessory.

Medical and healthcare context:

Sure that no-touch control of medical devices can help to reduce the nosocomial risk.
Also, most of  touch panels are not  working well when you wear gloves, this is not the case with touchless and gesture control.


"80 percent of automobile accidents and 65 percent of near-accidents involve at least some form of driver distraction within three seconds of the crash or near-miss"
Gesture recognition using a touchless sensor can be usefull to reduce driver distraction, according to what says the
HCL white paper.



Compagnon robots, Collaborative Robots ("co-botics"), improving them with a "near field sensing"  can really increase their ability to interact with the human being.

High-tech consumer electronics

For high tech and modern style devices, touchless and gestural interface can open the door to a new functional design and aesthetic. 
I can't wait to see what Philippe Starck would be able to make ...




Gaming is our main focus for the OOTSIDEBOX accessory for tablets.
The addition of the touchless and 3D gesture input is enhancing the gameplay (thus the pleasure), as you will see with the following examples:
  • Duck hunting: 

    In the touch version of this game, you have to shoot ducks by putting your finger directly on their image. Not very fun! You should probably not play this way for a long time ...
    Now enter the touchless mode, you have first to adjust the shot at few centimeters above the screen, and then press the trigger at the right time. Now you can feel the original sensations of this arcade game which was designed with an infrared gun.
    See the last sequence "Quack Attack"
    in our demo video.
  • Table Tennis:

    Looking at our video demo "Table Tennis 3D", you will understand easily that when you are  playing  with "air swipes", the immersion feeling is much more bigger than in touch mode.

  • Minion Rush

    Nothing more to say, sometime images says more than words. Just look this video:


    Jean Noël


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