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Saturday, September 19, 2015

quand la Ministre du travail s'intéresse aux Makers: bienvenue dans l'âge du Faire !

Ce Vendredi 18 septembre, Trira, société coopérative d’intérêt collectif, recevait Myriam EL KHOMRI pour un de ses premiers déplacements en tant que ministre du travail. Trira fait partie des structures qui relèvent  de l’économie sociale et solidaire au sein du Mouvement Emmaüs. 

A cette occasion, la Ministre s'est aussi intéressée aux projets de Makersun marché émergent que certains qualifient de "nouvelle révolution industrielle", comme Chris Anderson dans son ouvrage "MAKERS". Voir aussi le livre de Michel Lallemant "L'âge du faire - Hacking, travail, anarchie".
Les Makers créent souvent leur propre emploi, comme Alexandre Perier-Muzet - auto-entrepreneur (alias Anderson69s) - ou bien Jean Noël Lefebvre, fondateur de la SAS ootsidebox
Sur l'invitation de Pierre Aumont, president de la Fabrique dObjets Libres, ils ont eu le plaisir de présenter leurs créations à la Ministre.
La suite en images:

Saturday, June 27, 2015

ootsidebox's recipes at Seeedstudio - using Arduino & Grove

We are happy to share our recipes to make some cool things, based on Arduino and Grove solution, from Seeedstudio.
Hope you'll enjoy it, feel free to share.

Mp3/Rfid slot-in record player

Why not to make something cool around an old "slot-in record player"? By following this recipe, you will transform it in an magical mp3 player, where the only thing to do for listening a song is to insert the beautiful record cover into the slot. 

A color sensor that works

This project is based on the Grove - I2C Color Sensor, with enhancement using the Grove - Variable Color LED instead of the former white Led. In more there are improvements at the Arduino sketch and a nice Processing sketch for visualizing the results. 

3Dpad "Air control" MIDI controller

In this recipe I will describe how to make a 3D Theremin MIDI controller, using the ootsidebox's 3Dpad touchless & gesture Arduino shield.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

ootsidebox will join Youfactory Fab-Lab in september

We are proud and excited to announce that ootsidebox will join Youfactory in September

Youfactory is a business oriented Fab-Lab based in Lyon - France.  The services offered by Youfactory are very comparable to the Tech-Shop that you can see in the USA, in SF for instance. 
With ootsidebox the skills and tools for electronics will be fully available for the Makers' projects, Arduino in particular.

Youfactory created an event for the inauguration in June 1. We will be there with some cool demos, come and meet us there!

Find out more about Youfactory:

Finf out more about ootsidebox:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Motomi Karino's work in progress: "Touchless 3D Mouse"

Today I decided to share the work in progress of our friend Motomi Karino (from Japan). He made a Touchless 3D Mouse and plans to use it it for 3D-CAD and he still have a big ideas reservoir to come...

Here are some pictures of his work with 3Dpad:

See the photo album on Motomi Karino's Facebook page

In more, he made some cool videos of the demos, that I invite you to see below:

I can't wait to see the next steps of Motomi Karino's work!

Jean Noël

Thursday, March 5, 2015

3DPad hacking session: Touchless & Gesture in 3D, immerged into water!

Did you know that ootsidebox's touchless technology was inspired by nature?

Indeed, our 3Dpad is a bio-inspired electronic solution.
Some very special fishes - Gymnotiform Knifefish - are using an electric sense for “seeing” their environment, this way they can localize an obstacle or a prey item near their body in dark water.

So, as 3Dpad is also using the E-fields for sensing in 3D in the air, I asked myself if it is possible to use it in water also?
After a quick hacking session, tuning both HW and SW, I'm excited to answer YES

In the video below you'll see it in action:

Jean Noël -