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Saturday, June 27, 2015

ootsidebox's recipes at Seeedstudio - using Arduino & Grove

We are happy to share our recipes to make some cool things, based on Arduino and Grove solution, from Seeedstudio.
Hope you'll enjoy it, feel free to share.

Mp3/Rfid slot-in record player

Why not to make something cool around an old "slot-in record player"? By following this recipe, you will transform it in an magical mp3 player, where the only thing to do for listening a song is to insert the beautiful record cover into the slot. 

A color sensor that works

This project is based on the Grove - I2C Color Sensor, with enhancement using the Grove - Variable Color LED instead of the former white Led. In more there are improvements at the Arduino sketch and a nice Processing sketch for visualizing the results. 

3Dpad "Air control" MIDI controller

In this recipe I will describe how to make a 3D Theremin MIDI controller, using the ootsidebox's 3Dpad touchless & gesture Arduino shield.

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