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Thursday, March 5, 2015

3DPad hacking session: Touchless & Gesture in 3D, immerged into water!

Did you know that ootsidebox's touchless technology was inspired by nature?

Indeed, our 3Dpad is a bio-inspired electronic solution.
Some very special fishes - Gymnotiform Knifefish - are using an electric sense for “seeing” their environment, this way they can localize an obstacle or a prey item near their body in dark water.

So, as 3Dpad is also using the E-fields for sensing in 3D in the air, I asked myself if it is possible to use it in water also?
After a quick hacking session, tuning both HW and SW, I'm excited to answer YES

In the video below you'll see it in action:

Jean Noël -

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