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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Solving problems with Touchless is a very good start.

But I think we have to avoid a  basic level reflexion.
Indeed reduce the nosocomial risk, avoid the driver distraction,
or being able to use a UI when you wear gloves are only the first basic level of problems that one can solve with OOTSIDEBOX touchless & gesture techno.

But now let's look a little bit more "outside the box":  
the fact that touch controls are everywhere today, especially on smartphones doesn't show a so direct problem solving. 
Indeed it was already possible to use your phone with the simple buttons that you had on your Blackberry. With the avenement of the touch interface on smartphones (thank you Steve Jobs!), this is new usages and new demands which are emerging, leading to the fast growing market of apps.

This is the second level of problem solving with a HardWare innovation: the problem to develop economy.
OOTSIDEBOX aims to play an important rôle in this area and to take a significant part of the coming business. just see this estimations from Markets&Markets:

Jean Noël

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