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Friday, April 25, 2014

OOTSIDEBOX beta test: the winner of our GYRO competition plays a couple of Touchless & Gestural games

During the summer 2013, we organized a GYRO video game contest. Reward for the winner:
to become our beta tester.

Samuel Salas - from Valence, France - won this contest, and we organized the beta test session in November.

Here is what Samuel wrote for his feedback:

"In general, the 3D brings another dimension to the interaction between the machine and the user. It's a new way of behaving in front of a screen and interacting with the applications we have in front of ourselves. 
Some gestures are naturals, and so we are less tired than if we were touching. For example I have this feeling when I play table tennis. Playing with the finger, touching the screen, we are stressed with the finger straight and the arm bended although with the 3D we can rest his own arm between 2 smashes, and we produce a gesture more natural.

An advantage of the 3D is there is a better sight of the screen, it's for example an advantage for the game GIRO. Indeed, playing with the touch interface, a part of the screen is hidden by the hand, although in 3D the perspective helps us very well to watch the whole screen.

With the duck hunting game we have the same pleasure of the game as it was during its time. It's a pure and happy moment of retrogaming! Touching the screen has no interest in my opinion. And the bonus is there is no need of a special gun, we could use any plastic gun.

I didn't get the opportunity of testing with the joystick behind the screen, but I don't think it's adapted to all applications. I would say it's OK for GIRO, but not OK for the duck hunting game or the table tennis. It should be designed to play standing up or sit on a chair in front of the screen with a remote control. 

Can't wait for the developer kits and the first applications! "

See also this short video of the test session:

Thank you again, Samuel for participating in the OOTSIDEBOX project.

Jean Noel

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