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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Device control. Using touchless gestures versus touching and manipulating

On November 25 in San Francisco, I had this chance to participate in the event "Robots, Wearables and Design Driven Products: Connecting to Your Audience", organized by TransmediaSF was a demo table with OOTSIDEBOX prototypes and also I talked few minutes about using touchless gestures to control devices, versus touching and manipulating.

You can hear my talk by following this link (move to 00:32 in the timeline):

The event was focusing on user experience and interaction design, here is what I expressed about the disruption coming from touchless gesture control:

"Today, you touch and catch the devices to manipulate them.
When you make touchless gestures, it's in order to talk to other human beings or to animals. (just think at your own experience everyday). And it doesn't involve the same connections into your brain!   
Tomorow you will use touchless gestures in order to "TALK" to your devices.
Thus you expect that they'll be as smart as humans or animals to understand what you want...
OOTSIDEBOX is paving the way for such amazing and disruptive innovations."

Jean Noël

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