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Monday, September 16, 2013

Ride an epic dragon: 

it's my last techno-dream and it may become a reality very soon ...






Last sunday I had this chance to test again the OCULUS VR headset. Great experience! the game was EpicDragon VR from AGHARTA studio.

In this real WOW effect gameplay, you are changing the flight direction by moving your head.

After this awsome experience (thank you again AghartaStudio!), I asked  myself what relationship this kind of VR games may have with OOTSIDEBOX's technology

 About that I have two ideas:

The first one is that we can imagine two "3D air control pads", one under each hand of the user. You will make move the dragon's wings by moving your hands above this control pads.

Here comes my second idea:
Playing this way with an OCULUS VR headset is a real pleasure, but unfortunatly one can't always wear this equiment on head!
Thus why not to continue the game on a glasses free 3D tablet? (see our previous post on this topic). 
Then, if this tablet is equiped with the OOTSIDEBOX accessory, you will drive the dragon with the movements of your hand hovering in front of the screen ...

Feel free to give your opinion about this ideas.

Jean Noel @ootsidebox

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