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Friday, September 27, 2013

Minion Rush, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, Sports games... our best apps selection for the OOTSIDEBOX Touchless - Gesture Android platform.

Here is our last selection of compatible games for the OOTSIDEBOX Android platform.

First we tested a couple of blockbusters:

This three games are already very funny to play  in the "classic" touch mode, and when you switch to Touchless / gesture mode you discover new amazing sensations, in particular using "air swipes" to drive the Minion's movements.

About Fruit Ninja, slicing fruits with 3D gesture in the air is a real awsome experience!

Now let's talk about sport games:

We already heard that "Mini-Wii" is a name that we could have chosen for the OOTSIDEBOX platform.

You will be able to play:
(courtesy of the author, Vatroslav Dino Matijas)

This high-quality sport games have been developped under UNITY-3D. The main benefit to play Touchless is the immersion sensation which is highly augmented.

For instance with Table Tennis 3D: in only few seconds you have the illusion to have the racket in hand. In more you are able to make some special effects on the ball!


Live demos are planned in Lyon - October 17th and San Francisco - November 23th. Meanwhile, you can see all existing video on our Youtube channel.


Jean Noël

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