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Saturday, August 3, 2013


Get ready for the 3xWOW effect! 

Can the OOTSIDEBOX tablet accessory be used on a Neo3Do Android tablet?
This is the question asked by Al Caudullo - 3D Systems Integrator at Hollywood3D Studios.

The answer is YES!, and we believe that 3D display and 3D interaction together can make a great product with 3xWow effect! 

We name it "full 3D convergence", a demo prototype of such 3D touchless interaction with an autostereoscopic character has already been presented at the Game Connection Paris November 2012:

In the scope of our crowdfunding campaign, we will propose:

* OOTSIDEBOX accessory plus a 7 inch Android tablet

* OOTSIDEBOX accessory designed for Nexus7

* OOTSIDEBOX accessory as a DIY kit

With the DIY yourself kit, you will be able to adapt it for any tablet up to 8 inches, this must be suitable for the NEO3DO Tablet ( )

Jean Noël

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