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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Full 3D convergence:
about  3D screens and touchless-3D-gestural interaction

One of my favorite "Techno-dream" is to play at Nintendogs with a touchless 3D interaction.
Indeed when the pet comes "out of the screen", the ability to pat him this way would be a great magical experience!
This dream may become a reality very soon; take a look at our first experiment in this way:
And now we see coming some nice auto-stereoscopics screens on the market: NLT (the one we used on our experiment), MasterImage3D, and also the Neo3DO tablet.
See our previous post on the subject:

Give more fun and augment the user emotional experience is our main goal, but there is another benefit.
Indeed, when you are using a steroscopic screen, your brain plays a important role: every small discordance in the perceptual experience can drive your brain to reject the 3D perception, and this creates a real disturbance not "user friendly" at all!

For instance, imagine that you have some 3D wigdets and that you want to touch the screen to launch the app, when your finger will be "inside" the widget you will have this very bad sensation.
At this point, the touchless 3D sensor can be really helpfull in two ways:
1) You can design the app to make trigger the widget at the corresponding depth perception
2) You can modify dynamically the depth of the image according to the finger proximity, at the end it's 2D for touching.

The convergence of 3D screen / 3D interaction is one of the  main R&D subject in OOTSIDEBOX's project.

Stay tuned ...

Jean Noël  @ootsidebox

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