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Friday, July 26, 2013

GYRO - screenshot thumbnail

TAKE YOUR CHANCE to become our beta tester for the first touchless tablet gaming platform.

Try to win the OOTSIDEBOX's Video Game Contest:

Participate in our GYRO competition, and you'll have a chance to become our alpha-beta tester.
Just install GYRO on your favorite mobile platform, train yourself and tell us your progress and your best score.
The contest will end on August 31. From then, we will select one concurent from best scores to become beta tester.
A prototype of OOTSIDEBOX touchless platform will be be loaned for the beta test, it will be based on a Nexus7 Android Tablet.

To participate, you have to follow this 3 steps:

  1. apply to join the OOTSIDEBOX group on Linkedin

  2. answer the poll "OOTSIDEBOX's Video Game Contest"

  3. indicate which platform you will use in the comment field

See you soon at our OOTSIDEBOX project group,
good luck to every participant, and be vigilant about the GYRO addiction! 


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