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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

3Dpad: work in progress

Today I'm writting to share with you the work in progress around 3Dpad and ootsidebox's technology.
In four points, we are working on:
  1. Avoiding the 12V external power supply with the help of a small step-up converter, directly from the USB. We are designing a small module based on MIC2619YD6 TR - by MiCREL. The prototype works very well. The remaining tasks are: design a PCB and industrialize.
  2. Using 3Dpad with different Arduino boards: 3Dpad works directly with UNO and FreeDuino, a small modification enables to use MEGA also (a simple modification concerning the SPI is necessary). We tried also the Leonardo, but unfortunatly there is a problem with a bad noise coming from the USB and there is no simple solution. As a conclusion the Leonardo is not compatible.
  3. Keyboard and mouse emulation: using the demo sketch under Processing, adding the Robot Java class, it's very easy to generate Keyboard and/or mouse events. A demo software is already available on request.
  4. Hybrid multi-touch / touchless pad: this next product is well defined now, we plan to use the Snowpad - by Kitronyx - in conjunction with ootsidebox's 3D touchless technology.

All those informations will be online soon, but feel free to ask me the details from now.

Jean Noël - ootsidebox

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